Welcome to Money Journals, where we’re asking people how they’re spending their $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks — and we can’t wait for you to read about the fun, lavish lifestyles people are taking on with these free checks!

Today’s writer: A restaurant worker and mother of two living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who used to make $43,000 annually but has been laid off because of the global coronavirus pandemic (did someone say unlimited vacation days!?).

Occupation: Laid Off Restaurant Server

Industry: Food & Hospitality

Age: 33 in human years, 653 in pandemic years

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Salary: I found $2.71 in…

I’m posting this here because I don’t know where else to put it and Medium is as close to a folder in an unlocked communal desk drawer as current life seems to offer. Lately — no, always, I think about death a lot. I don’t mean that in a suicidal way, only in a sort of slightly removed curious way that comes with knowing life only goes on for so long and then there’s something else, the unknown. And being the sort of person who puts things in my calendar months in advance, who tries to structure things so that…

21 Dumb Star Wars Jokes I Wasted My Morning Writing

My 6 year old is obsessed with Star Wars and obsessed with jokes. After spending most of Christmas googling and reading “Star Wars jokes for kids,” we realized every list we saw had generally about the same 30 jokes or so… so I wasted my morning writing *new ones.

*Star Wars is well-trodden ground and these are dumb easy jokes, it’s certainly possible I hit some that have been done before, but not anywhere I’ve seen :)

Q: Where do you take a sick Tauntaun?

A: To a Hoth-pital


White supremacists and Nazis aren’t like that weird itchy red mark on your leg that you’re just pretending isn’t there. You can’t ignore hate. It won’t go away.

This is not a detailed and footnoted screed for a publication, this is just a personal reflection, primarily written to respond to the constant replies I’m getting on social media about sheet cakes and black blocs and how to respond to Nazis and White Supremacists. I don’t have the holy grail answer but I don’t believe you have it either. …

The majority of people that I know, especially those I know online, spent Tuesday afternoon confident in their belief that Hillary Clinton would soon be President-Elect. I was among them. The majority of people that I know, especially those I know online, woke up Wednesday morning spinning through astonishment, despair and all of the cycles of grief on rapid repeat. I was among them as well. Now my online world is filled with outpourings, people expressing fear, solidarity, support, depression. But it is filled with something else as well- a tremendous amount of blame.

It is important and valuable to…

maura quint

I still make mix CDs. Sometimes The New Yorker & Paste & Death and Taxes & Playboy & McSweeney's let me write stuff for them. But mostly the CD thing.

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